The Bellamy of 30a Spring Wedding || Kyle + Claire


When rain threatens to come on your wedding day and it doesn't, you know it's gonna be a good day! I was so worried that morning, but when I got to The Bellamy of 30a, the skies had cleared and there was no rain for the rest of the day! This was such a fun wedding, as you'll see when you're scrolling down.

First, let's take a look at the getting ready portion of the day and the sweetest father daughter first look ever! Btw, Lalie Williams did an amazing job with the hair, as always, and Gabrielle Banks made these girls faces look even more beautiful than they already did!

As I've said before, I love when couples choose to have a first look before the ceremony! It allows them to be with each other alone for a few minutes and they get to spend more of the day together than apart. Why would you want to spend most of your wedding day apart from each other, right?

The ceremony at Eden Gardens State Park was absolutely beautiful, a spring wedding dream! The morning rain had made the colors brighter and everything just smelled so fresh and clean. And the details were so beautiful, especially the cute, flower girl wagon!

Want to take your wedding to the next level? Rent a party bus when going between locations. I could hear the bus arriving to Eden Gardens before I even saw it! So whenever they left to go back to the Bellamy, I knew I had to get in too to get some photos of the craziness.

Brand Element_Eucalyptus 02.png

If you thought the party bus was fun, just wait until you see the reception! I love it when guests join the bride and groom on the dance floor! I always get a lot of epic shots.

Btw, that amazing, paper flower wall you saw... Claire spent a year making it! Props to her, cause I don't think I could've stuck to it and made it.