6 Favorite Locations for Photoshoots in 30a


I get asked a lot where my favorite places in 30a are to get photos taken at, so I figured I’d share them all with you! Now I’m not saying that these are the best locations and you can’t have a great session anywhere else. These are just the locations that I shoot at most often because they are beautiful, convenient, and have lots of variety. Some of these locations work better at different times of day and some you should avoid at certain times of the year. So if you have a unique location in mind, let me know, but I’m gonna take this opportunity to show you my 6 favorite locations for photoshoots in 30a.


Grayton Beach State Park


This is definitely a popular option for most of my couples and families. It’s one of the only places in 30a that has access into the dunes, which gives us multiple backdrop options besides just the beach. I also love state parks because there usually aren’t many people there unless it’s the summer, and they have restrooms to use for outfit changes. It’s also just a 5 minute drive away if you’re a guest in the next two locations. I usually spend the first half of the session in the dunes and then catch the sunset at the beach for the other half, but it really just depends on lighting that day.




Seaside is probably my favorite little town in 30a. It has so many beautiful, hidden corners and cute homes to stay in. With lots of options for places to grab a bite to eat or a drink after your session, this is one place I recommend visiting even if you don’t do your session here. If you’re visiting in the summer, the early morning sunrise is the best time for a session so you’re not battling the crowds, spending 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot, or mopping the sweat off your face. When I say early morning though, I mean like 5:30-6:30 am! Still, I love this place for it’s sweet, Southern charm and the amazing donuts at Five Daughters Bakery.


Cerulean Park


This little park in Watercolor is sooo beautiful and a popular option for a first look location when having a wedding here. With it’s beautiful trees, flowers, and the little stream that runs through it, how could you not love it?! The beach is also just a short walk away, but you have to be a guest of Watercolor to access it.


Rosemary Beach


Rosemary Beach is another beautiful little town along 30a and another place full of backdrop possibilities. I love the brick roads winding through the town and the bright, European inspired buildings that line them. There’s also a large, grassy square located in the middle of the town which is great for taking portraits. With The Pearl hotel in the background they will look great! This is another town that you have to be a guest at or have your wedding at to take photos in, which usually makes it less crowded and more exclusive than public towns. It also has a private access to the beach for sunset photos.


Point Washington State Forest


Sometimes couples want more than just one location for their engagement session, so if it’s not too hot outside I’ll take them to this secluded state forest before heading over to Grayton Beach. The tall pine trees and dense pine needles covering the ground make for a magical environment, especially when the sun is shining through the trees. Living in a military community, it’s hard to find any large stretch of forest not closed off to the public, so this is one of my favorite places to take people who want a woodsy feel.


Eden Gardens State Park

Kayla Nicole Photography, Eden Gardens, Rachel Sambenedetto-39.jpg

Incase you haven’t noticed, my favorite locations are based off the fact that there are lots of options for backdrops in a single location. It makes the most out of our time and is great for if you want to do an outfit change. Eden Gardens is another amazing State Park that gives you a woodsy feel and flowery gardens. The most obvious landmarks in the park are in front of the wedding tree or the white mansion. If you want to see the park at its best, go in the fall or spring. In the fall the greens aren’t as bright and you get those nice, cool temperatures. In spring the whole park is full of azaleas, but you really have to get your timing right. This is also a nice location to split your time at for your engagement session if you want beach photos too.

I hope all of these locations inspire you and if you know of any great locations to explore in 30a, let me know! These are all beautiful locations, but I love exploring new environments.