Long Island, NYC Wedding at The Bailey Arboretum || Rob + Sam


SNEAK PEEKS: I was so excited at the opportunity to visit NYC again for this wedding and to explore Long Island! This part of Long Island, the golden coast of Long Island, has so many beautiful mansions and the trees were so beautiful. It was also September which meant the weather was perfect. (much cooler than Florida was) I loved Sam’s choice of dress. It was elegant with tiny polka dots, yet it was still flowy and fun. I took her and Rob into the woods to see each other for the first time and the light coming through the trees made the scenery breathtaking!

The wedding party was a really fun group and the ceremony was held under a huge redwood tree. Afterwards everyone hung out on the lawn and patio for a couple of hours before starting dinner. I really loved just how relaxed and open the timeline was to give everyone freedom to just enjoy each other’s company and not having to quickly move on to the next thing. One of the best things about the reception was the live band! They were able to encourage the guests to get on the dance floor more and to encourage them to sing along. Sam + Rob even did a little karaoke towards the end.

These two wanted their wedding to be a no waste wedding and I really commended the effort they took into doing that. They had the catering company compost the leftover food, they didn’t use plastic ware, and the guests threw bird seed during their grand exit. All in all it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to come back to NYC again!