Okaloosa Island Portraits || Jade Gordon


Sometimes I like to bring a friend to the beach and try out new techniques and poses, so I can see what works and what I need to work on. I've also been obsessed with my Canon 5d Mk iv camera and I jump at every opportunity I can to use it!

I asked Jade if she'd be my model and 2 days later we were driving to the beach at sunset. This time, I made a mood board with photo inspiration to look at throughout the session. It was great, because it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone.

I also brought a plastic ziplock bag and put it in the corner of my lens to give some of the photos a hazy quality. I also drizzled sand in front of my lens for the same effect, but I like the plastic bag best. So scroll through some of my favorite photos below and let me know what you think!

Btw, Jade is an amazing yogi and artist, so be sure to check out her work here!