Having a Good Exit Strategy


It’s the end of the night. Everyone’s having fun and going crazy, but it’s time to bring the reception to a close and make your exit. So let’s put a bunch of fireworks in people’s hands while you walk in between them… Yikes! Don’t worry though, I’m here to talk you through it. A sparkler exit has become a really popular trend amongst weddings and if done correctly it can be absolutely amazing!


First things first is to be prepared. Make sure you have a bucket of water to put all the sparklers in so that they aren’t laying on the ground just waiting to be stepped on. Remember, those things are hot! Also, make sure that you get the long lasting sparklers. This ensures that everyone’s sparklers will still be lit when we light the last sparkler and they tend to cast a more ambient light on the scene. Short lasting sparklers tend to have a harsher light and burn too quickly.

Designate one person to have a lighter and make sure they don’t light the sparklers until we’re ready. This is VERY IMPORTANT! We need time to line everyone up in two straight lines and make sure you two are standing at the front of the line waiting to go. This isn’t something you want to rush because once the sparklers are lit we only have a few minutes until they go out. Your wedding planner or responsible adult is the perfect person for the job. Once we’re ready to go, I’ll give you the thumbs up and you can make your way down the line.

The Barn at Water Oaks Farm, Wedding-33.jpg

This is supposed to be fun! So make sure your dj knows to crank up that music so you can party your way down the line, otherwise it’s gets real awkward real quick. You have a few minutes, so don’t rush it. Remember to dance your way slowly through the line and you can pause every few steps to kiss, spin around, or wave to your guests. This ensures that I get plenty of great shots.

The Barn at Water Oaks Farm Wedding-894.jpg

If this is just a faux exit and the sparklers are still going strong when you get to the end of the line, let’s turn around and do it again! Trust me, it’s a lot of fun. And if your new husband doesn’t want to do it a third time, then run down it again like the bride above. It’s your wedding, so enjoy it while you can!


If a bunch of people holding sparklers over you isn’t your thing, no problem! You can give them glow sticks to wave around in the air or have them throw flower petals at you instead. Whatever you want, we’ll make it work! And if you get to the day of and find you’ve forgotten everything I’ve written here, don’t worry. I’ll reiterate everything I’ve said here and do my best to make sure this moment runs as smoothly as possible. You just keep your eyes on the sparklers and don’t get burnt.

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