Lilliwaup, Wa Engagement Photos at Camp Robbinswold || Alpine Northwest


The Alpine Northwest Workshop in Lilliwaup, Washington was definitely the highlight of my year, so far at least. It was my first time traveling on my own and it was the farthest I've ever been from my little town in Florida. To say that I was excited was an understatement. Camp Robbinswold in Lilliwaup, Wa was the perfect environment too.

It was so awesome to be in a new environment, to be surrounded by so many other female photographers, and to learn from some more amazing, inspirational photographers! The time we spent together learning more about photography, talking about our struggles, and shooting some gorgeous models is something that I'm never likely to forget.

My first group's models were Melissa and Sky and they were just amazing! They had the most amazing hair (just sayin'), their style was on point, and they were just the sweetest. So sweet that instead of sending Melissa a text or calling her for their first conversation, he sent her a letter in the mail! I mean who does that anymore, right?! I mean my husband still writes me letters, but that's because he's the most amazing guy in the world.

Schadell and Jamal absolutely killed it! They probably laughed the most out of all the couples and I loved it! Normally guys don't really like having their pictures taken, but Jamal is hoping to become a model and I gotta say, I totally see that happening! Now these two were the only couple that weren't engaged, so if they ever do get married they have a ton of photographers to choose from who've already taken their photos... Please pick me! (Btw, the cat was just an added bonus.)

Zachary and Sarah were the only married couple of the bunch and it just so happens that they got married on the same day as me and my husband!!! I don't mean the same date, I mean the exact same day. Crazy right?! Anyways, I loved photographing them, because there's just something so special about photographing people who have been married a few years. They're more comfortable with each other and you could just see how much their love has grown for each other.

Ashley and Alex were another amazing couple, who just got married a couple of days ago btw. They were such good sports too for getting on a shaky platform, with several other photographers on it, above water that was who knows how deep! The water btw, was just so beautiful! It's amazing to me just how different it is from the waters here on the emerald coast. Their color was a deeper blue/green and was just mesmerizing to me.

At last, but certainly not least was Nicole and Josh. I'm glad we saved them for last though, because the sun was disappearing and the moon was so big and bright up in the sky. The light gave off a moody vibe, which I think fit perfectly for their personality and style. The first shot was all mine. Just a vision in my head that I needed to come to life and they helped make that happen. Definitely a favorite of my from this workshop.