5 Eleven Palafox Wedding in Pensacola FL || Bohemian Modern Inspiration


Wow, what an incredible day! When planning this shoot I basically thought to myself “How can I challenge every aspect of what makes a traditionally designed wedding?” I really wanted new, fresh content out there and that’s what started it all. I took away the groom’s bow tie and gave him a floral tie + instead of making the bride carry around a heavy bouquet all day, we gave her a floral arm piece. (Not as easy as it looks though) From the macrame cake, to the leather invitations, to the asymmetrical table arrangement, I really hope this shoot inspires you to make your wedding as unique as you are!

It wasn’t enough to just have good ideas though. I also needed a great team to bring it all together. The people I found surpassed my vision by leaps and bounds and I’m so grateful that they were able to make this shoot a reality. If you want your wedding to be beautifully designed, invest in people that you trust to take your vision and make it 10x’s better! You can find the amazing vendors down at the bottom of this blog.

This shoot was also featured on Junebug Weddings.


Hemstitch Vintage brought a ton of beautiful, vintage items and I thought it was so cool that none of the plates matched. It can be difficult to store and gather everything you want for your wedding, so it’s always nice to find a great rental company that can do that for you. If you’re having a smaller wedding and don’t have a budget for a rental company though, try your hand at thrifting and looking for good deals. Would you believe that the rug for the ceremony was less than $100 from HomeGoods and the candles were from Hobby Lobby?


The cake cutting and cake smushing is fun for all the guests, but sometimes the bride just wants to keep her makeup intact and the groom doesn’t want cake up his nose for the rest of the night. And that’s ok! If you still want the traditional “feeding each other cake” moment, try cake pops instead. It’s a lot less messy, but still just as yummy.

Also, if you’re going to have a beautiful arbor, why use it for just the ceremony? Make it into a fun photo booth afterwards and maybe add a cool couch for people to take photos with each other on.