Rainy Port St Joe Beach Wedding || Andrew + Jessi


Not just any bride and groom can make a rainy wedding day work, but these two killed it! All of their closest friends and family went with it too and we all had a blast. Jessi's family had bought a ton of matching, black umbrellas in preparation for everyone to use during the ceremony, which really made it quite unique.

Since the couple and their families were renting a house and visiting, they decided to relieve some of the stress by hiring a chef to cook all their meals for them, which he did a fantastic job at btw. The whole atmosphere was really chill and laid back and I loved it!

Another interesting aspect from this wedding was the face that the time zone ran right through the middle of the house! So it would be 5:00 in the living room and 6:00 in the bedroom! Crazy right?!

While there wasn't a fancy reception afterwards, we still did a faux exit with sparklers. That was a lot of fun! Anyways, enjoy some of my favorite photos from their wedding below and at the end there's a little fun fact.

Jessi is an artist and loves vintage art, so I brought my polaroid camera with me to take a few special polaroids that only she and Andrew will have and cherish. I'd honestly love to make that a thing for all of my future weddings!