Grayton Beach State Park Honeymoon || Mitchell + Minoo


When Mitchell said that he and Minoo's relationship was like Michael and Holly's from The Office, I knew this was gonna be a fun session! Honeymoon sessions like these are probably my favorite type of couples sessions. The stress of wedding planning is done and they're newly married! They're in that blissful honeymoon stage and all they want to do is be together and in love.

Minoo and Mitchell purposefully chose casual outfits for their session and I love the relaxing mood that it created. Plus it was really cold outside (I wore 2 pairs of pants!), so that called for lots of cuddles.

When I drove up to Grayton Beach the sun was at this wonderful place where it was behind the clouds, but you could still see it. It gave a warm glow throughout the entire session, as if the Golden Hour actually lasted a whole hour! Check out some of my favorite photos from their session below!