Grayton Beach, 30a Elopement || Michael + Aura


I am literally obsessed with this couple and their beautiful elopement! Everything about it was just so amazing and I'm so excited to finally blog this session!

This was my first elopement and I absolutely loved it, because we had so much freedom. There weren't any guests waiting for pictures to be done, food getting cold, or people with cell phones getting in the shot. It was just the two of them. And me... I honestly felt like a third wheel at times, lol.

When I met Michael at the state park, he was trying to get in contact with the officiant. We couldn't find her and we were very worried she had went to the wrong beach. I could tell Michael was super stressed out. As soon as Aura arrived though and he saw her, he absolutely melted and a huge smile came over his face! It was so incredibly sweet and romantic. I took some detail shots and the officiant arrived soon after Aura.

The ceremony was short and simple and they couldn't stop laughing. Michael also asked Aura several times during the ceremony if he could kiss her. Did I mention how sweet they were?! I loved having plenty of time after the ceremony to photograph the details and getting all of the gorgeous shots of the two of them. I rarely ever had to tell them what to do, they just stood there and looked perfect.


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