Austin + Brittney's Sunny Elopement at Grayton Beach

Brittney's mom contacted me on facebook asking when I was available to shoot her daughter's wedding. It's always such a shock and high honor when brides choose their wedding date based on my schedule. They will celebrate that day every year as their anniversary and they chose that day because of me. I'm not putting myself up on a pedestal or anything, I just understand how important my job is and it makes me work even harder to make that day special for the bride and groom.

One of the most special parts about this wedding to me was the fact that my husband officiated their ceremony! It was our first time working at a wedding together and I loved it! At first I thought we could shoot weddings together, but once I put a camera in his hand I soon realized that wasn't happening, lol. We all have our strengths.

Austin and Brittney's wedding was just absolutely incredible. The weather was perfect and sunny, we were running late and then early, everybody had a great time, it was just fantastic! Click on the photo below to view some of my favorite photos from their wedding!